Free Engine Light Check

If your engine light is on we'll check it and diagnose the problem.

Complimentary Multi-Point Inspection

Come in and get a free checkup on your car's most important components.

Tire Sale on Now!

Buy 3 tires, get the 4th for free.

Rear Brake Special $219.95

Incredible savings on rear brake replacement.

A1/B1 Service $119.95

Genuine Honda service.

Front Brake Special $239.95

Incredible savings on front brake replacement.

Winterization Special $129.95

Get a jump on the season

A1-2/B1-2 Service $259.95

Genuine Honda service.

Service your engine cooling system $159.95

Drain and refill radiator coolant.

Air Conditioning Service $189.95

Get ready to cool down for summer with an AC recharge and pressure check.